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Zvoimpex – Moving forward

Zvoimpex, a.s. was established in 2007 and has gradually grown from a local trading company to the largest exporter of spruce round timber in Slovakia. The main scope of business is import and export of selected product groups – food and beverages, wood semi-finished products, wood products and round timber. For nearly 12 years, Zvoimpex has been creating an efficient supply chain with reliable business partners, making it able to supply high quality materials not only to the local market, but also to Europe and overseas.

Quality, Precision and Innovations

Whether it is quality control, delivery accuracy or flawless export documentation, Zvoimpex strives for first-class approach at multiple levels. In our business, we care not only about the quality of the offered goods, but also about the quality of business partnerships. We understands the value of innovation, so we are constantly looking for opportunities to move forward – we came up with a unique recording system of round timber thinning data, allowing instant information from the forest directly to the customer.

Relationship to the Region and Environmental Responsibility

As the name suggests, Zvoimpex is proud of its hometown and therefore likes to support various types of cultural, sports and development projects taking place in Central Slovakia. From the very beginning, the company has focused on products with guaranteed quality and origin. All wood and paper products exported by the company have been produced in a sustainable manner, respecting the highest environmental and social standards.

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Zvoimpex Timeline

  • March 2019 Export of logs and sawn timber to Korea

    Zvoimpex expands its customer list including companies in Korea where it exports round and sawn timber.

  • January 2019 Back office in Lučenec

    Zvoimpex also provides administrative support from modern premises in Lučenec.

  • October 2018 EUROASIA Timber subsidiary

    Zvoimpex establishes a subsidiary EUROASIA Timber, s.r.o. in Prague.

  • September 2018 The largest exporter of round timber

    Zvoimpex becomes a leading exporter of round timber in Slovakia.

  • July 2018 Specialized timber system

    Zvoimpex develops a unique round timber data registration system that transfers all the necessary information from the forest directly to the customer.

  • June 2018 New design

    The company is undergoing re-branding and since then it has boasted a new, modern identity.

  • March 2018 The first export of spruce logs to China

    Spruce logs from Slovakia are exported to China for the first time thanks to Zvoimpex.

  • November 2017 Exporting to Asia

    Zvoimpex starts to deal with beech round timber trade. As Chinese partners have shown great interest in it, the company starts exporting to China.

  • 2013 - 2016 Top 3 for Decodom

    From 2013 to 2016, Zvoimpex is one of the top 3 suppliers of high gloss MDF boards for Decodom.

  • January 2012 New commodity – Food and beverages

    Zvoimpex adds long-life confectionery and wine to its trading portfolio.

  • January 2011 Change of headquarters

    Interesting premises on the square in Zvolen become the new headquarters of the company with offices overlooking the Zvolen Castle.

  • January 2008 New commodity – Wooden semi-finished products

    Zvoimpex starts selling wooden semi-finished products, namely MDF boards.

  • December 2007 Establishment of Zvoimpex

    A new Zvolen company called Zvoimpex, s.r.o. starts writing its history at the end of 2007.

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