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Zvoimpex is represented by us, the people who have dedicated most of their lives to wood. With more than 25 years of experience we are trying to find the right purpose for each unique piece of wood. As part of a family holding, we apply the principles of togetherness and mutual trust also in business relationships, as satisfied suppliers and clients are one of our main priorities. In our work, we strive to continuously improve and participate in the development of the wood sector through investments in IT infrastructure and the development of innovative applications that enable better process efficiency.

Wood Division

Our dynamic development in recent years has resulted in the creation of a wood division, which besides Zvoimpex also covers companies Tilian in the Czech Republic and Millwood in Slovakia. The goal of both subsidiaries is to develop a wood division with a focus on forestry and timber activities, such as logging and forestation, trade, and processing of value-added products. All entities in the division complement each other in the logging – production – sales chain.

Innovation and development of the wood sector

As we constantly strive to improve professionally, we see a potential in advanced technologies that can benefit the entire wood industry. Thanks to many years of experience in various fields, from forestry, through processing, to the export of final products, we have relevant knowledge of what the market needs and what can move the entire industry forward. Our current projects include an automated document flow system, as well as an innovative technological process for quality inspection of logs and wood products.


As part of a family holding, principles of togetherness and trust are naturally applied in Zvoimpex.

We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and their personal integrity and engagement are crucial factors for the shared success of our company. We maximize our potential by combining older generation which represents wisdom and know-how with young colleagues who can bring a fresh perspective into everyday work. By identifying their potential and investing in long-term development we try to build satisfied and motivated team of professionals who are actively engaged in their jobs.


Behind everything we do, we must see a clear purpose. We want to invest our time in things, which are defined by value, sustainability, and perspective.

We strive to:

  • supply material that is sustainable,
  • contribute to a better world by effective sourcing and waste elimination,
  • build quality relationships that will endure the test of time.


We see technology as a great tool for finding new solutions to existing and emerging problems, increasing effectivity, saving precious time, and supporting sustainability.

Therefore, we invest in technologies and software which can eliminate redundant activities and allows us to focus on important agenda. We are proud of our back-office document flow system which significantly reduces paper usage and enables automatization in all processes from basic data evidence to exporting sales documents, as well as our in-house developed recording system of timber thinning data, allowing instant information from the forest or sawmill directly to the customer.



Satisfied business partners and suppliers are an important part of our network, as we always choose long-term success over short-term gain.

The acquired expertise and experience of more than 25 years in wood sector have enabled us to build relationships with business partners in Europe, as well as overseas. With respect to other cultures, we are trying to create partnerships that can be passed onto next generations.


How can we do this better? This is a sentence which can be heard quite a lot in our offices.

We strive for continuous improvement in order to better meet the needs of our customers and in everything we do, we challenge our ideas of what is possible to operate more effectively.

Wood Division Zvoimpex

Millwood was founded in 2020 and belongs to the Wood Division Zvoimpex, a group of companies that combine a focus on the wood processing sector and which complement each other in the logging-manufacturing-sales chain.

Millwood is a team of professionals who have dedicated most of their lives to working with wood in various fields. They use their experience in assessing the quality of logs and wood semi-finished products, as well as in selecting materials for the appropriate type of processing in the daily routine, to ensure optimal utilization on both sides of the retail chain.

Tilian, originally as EUROASIA Timber, is responsible for the purchase of logs and other wood products in the Czech Republic within the Wood Division Zvoimpex.

In addition, it carries out its own logging and trading activities in the regions of Germany, Austria and Poland. Tilian employs highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in the field, whose main priority is the satisfaction of both clients and suppliers. It maintains good business relations with forest owners, whether public or private, and provides them not only with harvesting forestry work in the form of a high-level service, but also with the purchase of harvested timber and its subsequent optimal monetization thanks to its wide network of business contacts.


As a responsible company, we try to maximize the social, economic, and environmental value of wood for now and for future generations. We are constantly working to improve our business processes so that we can minimize our own environmental impact. We support the green way of the world economy, the alignment of the economic growth with the command of environmental protection and the creation of a new sustainable social model which change the global position of forestry. As one of the few companies in Slovakia, we have the supply chain certification (CoC) PEFC and FSC, which declares that the forests and the harvested wood, that we trade with have the origin in forests managed in a sustainable way and are from proven sources.

PEFC and FSC are currently the two most used certification standards for forest management and supply and processing chain control. About 10% of the forests on our planet are certified by one of these programs.

PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system. PEFC, through the promotion of sustainable forest management, ensures throughout the forest product supply chain that timber and non-timber forest products are produced in compliance with the highest environmental, social, and ethical standards. Thanks to the eco-label, customers and consumers can identify products from sustainable forests..

The PEFC Consumer Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, which we use at Zvoimpex, is a mechanism for tracking certified materials from forest to the finished products, which ensures that wood, wood fibers and non-wood forest products contained in products can be traced back to certified forest.

C-o-C certification is an important part of the PEFC system, as it ensures that forest product declarations are credible and verifiable throughout the supply chain. C-o-C certification is used to certify the entire value chain of forest products.

FSC  is a globally recognized certificate that guarantees the sustainability of fragile forest ecosystems. Today, more and more companies are considering responsible forest management, which must preserve biodiversity and its associated values, water resources, soil and unique and sensitive ecosystems and landscape features, thereby maintaining the ecological functions and integrity of the forest and Zvoimpex, a.s. is no exception. .

As one of the few companies in Slovakia, we are proud of the certification in accordance with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC CoC) supply chain. This certificate guarantees that the timber we trade with has not been harvested illegally and comes from responsibly managed forests. The FSC certificate also ensures a fair wage, job security, training opportunities for workers working in certified forests and appropriate management in forests of high conservation value. Regular audits by independent accredited certification organizations guarantee the right to present this international certificate.

History of Zvoimpex

  • December 2020 Establishment of the Wood Division Zvoimpex

    The dynamic development of the company leads to the creation of a timber division, which also consists of Tilian and Millwod.

  • July 2020 Specialized data flow system

    Zvoimpex is completing the development of a unique log data registration system that transmits all the necessary information from the forest directly to the customer.

  • December 2019 Part of Invictum Holdings

    Zvoimpex becomes part of the family holding Invictum Holdings, a.s.

  • August 2019 Export of lumber to Morocco, the Middle East and China

    Zvoimpex has expanded into new markets in the Middle East, Morocco and China, where it has begun exporting lumber.

  • March 2019 Export of logs and lumber to Korea

    Zvoimpex expands its list of customers with a company in Korea, where it exports logs and lumber.

  • October 2018 Subsidiary EUROASIA Timber

    Zvoimpex establishes a subsidiary EUROASIA Timber, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.

  • June 2018 New corporate identity

    The company is undergoing re-branding and has been proud of its new identity ever since.

  • November 2017 Start of exports to Asia

    The Zvoimpex team is expanding with additional experts from the woodworking sector and establishing new business partnerships in Asia.

  • 2013 - 2016 Top 3 for Decodom

    From 2013 to 2016, Zvoimpex is one of the Top 3 suppliers of high-gloss MDF boards for Decodom.

  • December 2007 Birth of Zvoimpex

    At the end of 2007, a new company called Zvoimpex begins to write its history, focusing mainly on the trade in wooden semi-finished products.

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